A glider Ray was created for the experienced for the cross-country pilots and weekend pilots with good piloting skills. For our point of view it is the best option for the safe growth of flight skills and a smooth transition from EN-B wings to higher-class models.

Ray replaced a glider Dream (EN-C), and includes all the latest developments of the modern “paraglider” and our team.

During the developing of Ray our most important goal was to create a glider with maximum (for EN-C class) flight characteristics, maintaining high safety and a friendly character. In fact, Ray behaves like “upper B” till the moment of using accelerator.

Ray has an difficult but the same time accurate internal wing structure, which was made possible thanks to the use of an automated cutting complex in our production.

Together with the use of lightweight fabrics, this allowed us to significantly increase the number of sections of the paraglider, while maintaining a low weight canopy. The light weight of the wing plays an important role in the safety, comfort and handling of the paraglider. On the other hand, a large number of sections gives a noticeable increase in the aerodynamic quality of the wing.

A key feature of Ray is the outstanding balance of flight quality, safety and handling. Easy and intuitive controls help to achieve excellent typing results and never get tired. High flying characteristics in its class are combined with comfortable behavior in real turbulent air, which allows to fly more confidently, longer, farther and with great pleasure.

Certificate ParAAvis Ray M

Technological characteristics:

1. Big for class EN C number of sections and elongation
2. Advanced material: lightweight fabric, Vectran lines and Dyneema SK99
3. Air inlet “shark nose”
4. Smooth edge air inlet technology
5. 3D cutout of top surface
6. 3 rows of the lines on the whole wing elongation
7. Combination of the braided and unbraided lines
8. Strengthening of the third row
9. “Clever” selective reefing back edge
10. Mini-ribs on the back edge
11. Highlighted “earloop” for easy identification


При заказе параплана Вы можете выбрать другие цвета ткани E25A (NCV / Dominico):

Up1 (передняя кромка),

Up2 (ромбики),

Up3 (кончики ушей).

Необходимо учитывать, что реальный оттенок ткани может отличаться от изображения на мониторе!

Technical data

the sizeSMLXL
Flat A.R.6,456,456,456,45
Projected area, sq.m18,420,221,827,8
Projected A.R.4,774,774,774,77
Projected span, m9,379,8110,1910,54
Cells, total71717171
Cord min, m0,440,470,480,5
Lines height, m6,77,017,287,54
Lines length, m267280291301
Takeoff weight, kg75-9585-10595-115105-130
Glider weight, kg4,655,45,7
Flat area, sq.m2224,12627,8
Cord average, m2,242,352,442,52
PPG takeoff weight, kg0,9200,96311,034


Lines, middle cascadesEdelrid GmbH&Co8000-050, 070, 090
Lines, main (lower) cascadesRosenberger AGLiros PPSL 190
Upper surface leading edgeNCV Industries / Dominico TexDOKDO-30DMF/9017(E25A)
Upper surface except leading edgeNCV Industries / Dominico TexNCV Skytex 70032 1580 E3W / DOKDO-204432PS
Ribs, supportedNCV Industries / Dominico Tex9017(E29A) / DOKDO-3MF
Lines, upper cascadesRosenberger AGLiros DC 40, DC 60
Diagonal ribsChampionЛеска Nylon 2.0 mm
Diagonal ribsNCV Industries2420/X15A
Lines, upper brake cascadeОАО «Лента»ЛТКП-15-185
Lines, upper brake cascadeGüth & WolfDyneema Core 70404–15
Lines, upper brake cascadeAmerican&Efrid Inc.Nylon 46/2
Lines, upper brake cascadeAmerican&Efrid Inc.Nylon 69
Bottom surfaceNCV Industries / Dominico TexNCV Industries / Dominico Tex