Top universal kite for free riders, racings and winnings. Kite for winter, but can be used on the water.

The wing has a very high elongation and optimized lines system, which that provides it excellent aerodynamic qualities.

The control of the kite is combined - sag of the wing, which is used on the "bars - parafoils" and "balons", also taxing in use the first forced lines, peculiar Kite with handle control. All that is going on in a casual work with a bar, and let to save huge traction meaning, from a unit area of the wing.

Kite VX
, unlike its predecessors, does not lose the efficiency of control even when fully depressed trimmer and tempered bar. Due to the unique traction control system and excellent quality wing kite can be configured to adjust to virtually any weather conditions.
Kite VX equipped with two trimmers. One - a traditional trim (white in the diagram), which adjusts the angle of attack of the kite. A second trimmer (Scheme red) adjusts the amount of camber. The combination of these two systems reduce traction allows you to reset the power of the wing in a huge range of reach of any known kites, setting one machine on a large number of changing weather conditions.

Just when you change the camber to ride in strong wind automatically increases the stability of the kite to wind gusts up to the absolute stability to stall.





Changeable Curvature of a Profile System