Indy II

Indy II - it's not exactly "the same» Indy, which has long been firmly established itself and has many fans in our country among free stylers and free riders among. Indy II - this is the new wave in the construction of kites. You can imagine the old Indy, stability, and maneuverability increased markedly and the opportunity to use it on the water.
Also, significant changes has undergone dipower of the kite. With Indy II -12 m implemented the old dream of kiters, to use a kite one size for all "reasonable" wind from the first breath of wind of 2-4 m/s up to almost gale force winds of 11 m/s-14m/c *. In spite of such a huge wind range kite does not loose control and and continues to respond to commands responsive rider in all dipower modes, even when fully discharged traction.
During the jumps on this kite arise feeling as you fly on a glider. Hang time is amazing, and landings are very soft. Whatever you mastered - your first jump with a transaction of the kite or a new trick to wake-style - Indy forgive most of your mistakes by the highest stability and "cat" soft landings. This is what made the kite Indy incredibly popular among free stylers. This is what we reverently saved and increased in Indy II.
Particular attention was paid to the other positive features kites Indy: softness and ability to "swallow" the wind gusts.  It is due to this kite has become more resilient and stable in turbulent air. Therefore you have the opportunity to jump safely and relaxed, not straining to pass long distances. Indy II became even more comfortable and friendly in difficult wind conditions. As well, the legendary high running kite Indy properties were improved in Indy II. New Indy veers sharply to the wind and goes faster than the old.

As a result, Indy II absorbed all the best summer and winter kiting, and that has been possible to combine in one kite:

  • easiness and high effectiveness (Parafoil-kites)
  • huge wind range, comparable with (Bow-kites)
  • stability and low load on the bar, comparable with (С-kites)
  • 5-th line (up to date the most reliable insurance line). Kite became maximum safe.

* - lower and upper wind limit depends on the type of surface: water, snow, ice, air turbulence


Kite picture


  • Kite Indy II -12 m
  • Bar 55sm
  • A set of long lines 25m Liros
  • A set of "5-th line"
  • Container «Indy Pro»
  • Instruction
ACTION photo:

indy action1

i7-1m PA313671

Start, restart kite from the water.Landing











from Dmitry Korf on Vimeo.