Cross-country paragliders

Working on the Rio-II, we wanted to improve some of its characteristics through the use of modern technology (with all basic geometrical parameters of the new Rio we left unchanged). But we've got a tandem, which surpasses the previous model in almost all the major parameters.

Joy-2 – is a modern glider with the highest combination safety and flying characteristics. Designed for a wide range of pilots:

  • graduates of excellent flight schools, with flight hours not less than 20 hours;
  • weekend pilots regularly maintaining their skills;
  • experienced pilots, who prefer safe, but quality flight;
  • A glider would be interested for pilots, combining free and motor flights.

The company Paraavis is coming back on the market Paraavis tandem with new paraglider model - Rio. We were inspired by the incredible success of the paraglider Joy, as well as a large tandem experience of our test pilot Anatoly Lomovtceva. In the process of creation, we have taken as a basis for two models: Joy and our engine wing Zorro-2 42.

The result we have designed the optimal size, removed needless, added new ideas and developed, polished by experience Anatoly as long as he admitted: "this tandem is not ashamed to offer to my colleagues."

Tango Be - "school" tandem, based at the school paraglider Tango.

Simple, reliable and unpretentious, this tandem is ideal for intensive use in flight schools - to get acquainted with paragliding, fly export, commercial tandems in difficult conditions. As a single Tango, Tango Bee good to fly with paramotor as when starting with legs and to fly on a motor trike.

"Vario" - paraglider pilots looking for the maximum achievable performance characteristics as standard (certified) class wings. Vario is distinguished by a huge range of speed while maintaining high aerodynamic quality, high maneuverability and efficiency in the streams.

Glider Dream is a continuation of the successful paraglider Joy, but has better flight performance and safety concerns to a class EN-C, which is confirmed by certification (for size M).


Joy - is a modern glider with the highest combination safety and flying characteristics - designed for a wide range of pilots: excellent flight graduates of schools, with flight hours not less than 20 hours; the weekend pilots, regularly supporting their qualifications; as well as experienced pilots who prefer safe, but quality of the flight.

Glider Jazz - designed for graduates of flying schools and for pilots who want to fly for fun. The main quality of this machine: easy start, a pleasant soft handling, excellent maneuverability and high aerodynamic efficiency throughout the speed range, while it is a glider class Afnor Standard. Speed characteristics and excellent handling, and allow us to recommend the Jazz to fly with paramotor.

Tango - is a "school" glider, which absorbed all the best development of our company. Model Tango 28 has the international certificate AFNOR Standart.

Paragliding is very well proved at training of the beginners, as when flying with a winch, and when flying from the slope. It also liked by the weekends pilots, preferring the safety and ease of piloting.