Vario (EN-D)

"Vario" - paraglider pilots looking for the maximum achievable performance characteristics as standard (certified) class wings. Vario is distinguished by a huge range of speed while maintaining high aerodynamic quality, high maneuverability and efficiency in the streams.

It turbulent air, due to high damping properties of the glider pilot does not feel redundant, unnerving "pulling". Because of this during the flight the pilot feels comfortable and can be held in the air, without getting tired, a lot of hours, which is especially important on long distance flights. Just due to the absence of excessive response to turbulence, extra "shoot up" and "dives", "Vario" keeps the stored energy. This underlines the high aerodynamic quality during cross-country flights through real turbulent air.

In case of contact in the emergency situations the wing keeps predictable and safe (in experienced hands) behavior. Even in folding down conditions on maximum speed, the glider behaves humanly and gives to the pilot a delay to take retaliatory action.

Vario is designed with using following advanced technologies:

  1. High elongation in a plane 6.6;
  2. High-arched (good security and manageability for such extension);
  3. "Honest" three-lane: all three lanes of lines from the canopy to the rises. Which means less resistance and high aerodynamic efficiency, especially at high speeds.
  4. Only the best, proven materials: the top fabric: 066 Resource Gelvenor OLKS; lower and rib fabric: NCV; lines: Liros braided and unsheathed (minimum thickness: 0.4 mm, maximum: 1.8 mm); thin (15 mm width) rises.
  5. The Security level was checked by EN D certification for the size of 26 square meters.



Model 22 23 25 26 28
Sq, m2 21,5 23 24,7 26,4 28
Sq jut 17,04 18,23 19,57 20,92 22,19
Elongation 6,6
Q-ty sections 73
Wing weight, кг 5,0 5,4 5,8 6,2 6,6
Min flight weight, kg 65 70 80 85 95
Max flight weight, kg 75 80 95 100 115
Flight data Horizontal flight speed, km/h
Pre failure (min speed) 23
Balancing 39
Accelerator 60

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Сertification: EN-D