Main canopies

The new parachute "Accurate" - 7 sectional canopy with classical  rectangular shape is designed for precision jumps and landing.

Main parachute "Dolphin-II" is designed for primary and secondary level of trainings, as well as for the production jumps on the limited ground. Parachute has lenticular profile, stable for bad weather conditions and provides a safe landing in the "parachuting" mode.

Canopy "Joker" will joy you with gorgeous openings, soft and predictable, which is very important for the videographers and for jumps in Wingsuit.  It has a huge range of horizontal velocity, with a small vertical, allowing you to get to the landing space, even if your canopy gets opened too far away from it! You can always bring it to stop without increasing vertical speed.

The main gliding parachute "Ultimate" - 9 sectional transitional canopy, designed for parachute jumps parachutists average level of training.
Recommended loads - 1-1,8. Optimal loads - 1,2 - 1,6.

9 sectional elliptical speed parachute «Flash» - a great choice for sportsmen who want to develop serious skills in pilotage high-speed (cross-braced) parachutes.

Design features of «Flash» not only improve its aerodynamics, but also make a parachute more stable in crosswinds, turbulence, and most importantly - provide stable opening.

Main parachute "Segment" - 7-sectional canopy designed for Canopy Relative Work (rotation and reform).

"Segment" made of fabric c zero air-retention capacity (ZP, Gelvenor Textiles), equipped with lines Dacron-600 or ML (microline).

Main canopy "Hacker" - 7-sectional canopy, designed for jumps with static objects (BASE) and planning to fly in Wingsuit. "Hacker" is different from other types of canopies in this class for its reliability, stable and smooth openings.
It is operated in many countries of the world.

Main parachute "Stealth Tandem" - 9-cell special purpose canopy.
Designed for the safe delivery of a passenger or passenger-specialist, as well as cargo weighing up to 80 kg in a given area.

"Stealth Tandem" - this is the beauty and elegance combined with the reliability and safety!


Main canopy "Lesnik-3M" - 9-sectional canopy with a rectangular shape and 27 sq. meters was made for the landing operations with necessary equipment from equipped and unequipped aircrafts, during training and production jumps on limited grounds.

Main canopy "Lesnik-3M" is designed for use in parachute systems: "Kentavr", "Kentavr-M", "Kentavr-T", "Spirit-Tandem".