Kite surfing - is a young kind of sport, but, despite this, Paraavis winter kites have already gained popularity and recognition as a professional riders and amateurs actively spend their free time.

Kites are produced from high quality fabrics from Gelvenor Textyle and NCV Porcher Marine. Lines manufactures - Cousin Kevlar, Edelrid и Liros. At all stages of the production equipment passes strict quality control.
Top universal kite for free riders, racings and winnings. Kite for winter, but can be used on the water.

The wing has a very high elongation and optimized lines system, which that provides it excellent aerodynamic qualities.
Indy II - it's not exactly "the same» Indy, which has long been firmly established itself and has many fans in our country among free stylers and free riders among. Indy II - this is the new wave in the construction of kites. You can imagine the old Indy, stability, and maneuverability increased markedly and the opportunity to use it on the water.
XTAZY II. Revolution in kite construction. 

Kite Xtazy II  is the sequel of the popular kite Xtazy, contained in itself the latest technologies and achievements of winter kite.

New Xtazy II became more comfortable and pleasant in control and operation.
Kite Octane-II 12 was specifically designed to the requirements of the domestic sport class "Division-8".The span of the kite on the surface - not less then 8 meters. The design of the kite used fan scarves and technology increased stability and comfort of the kite in fitful wind.
Ion-II is a further evolution of our training kite Ion. During 2011-2012 we have been developing technology which increase stability and comfort of the valves kites. This technology is so impressed us in creating the kite Xtazy 2, so we decided to apply it in the "fresh" kite Ion. As a result we got more reliable and comfort "machine" - Ion-II.
Kite FANCY is designed for entertainment and training and recommended for children and adults. Due to the large area completely imitates the control of the big kite, perfectly suites for the development of control skills. Allows you to run a kite in the wind from 2m/s.
Двустропный кайт-пилотажка на петлях управления для развлечения и безопасного обучения азам кайтинга.
We would like to represent our new kite - GVX. This kite has got a big experience in the construction of the sports kites. at the desing stage we have used achievements of the most popular models of Octane-2 and VX.