The Paraavis Company was found in 1992 by the group of like-minded people keen on air sport. The name of the company comes from the prefix “para” (fr. parachute, parapente etc., lat. similar, equal) and Latin base “avis” (bird).

The Paraavis Company came on the market with such innovations as a parachute wing “Avis” and a lifting-towing system “Dragon”. These innovations still don’t have analogues in the world.
The majority of the company workers has higher technical education with the aviation speciality. Many of them have more than ten-year experience of working in scientific research institute, aviation and light industry plants. The company is a patentee licensor of a huge number of technical decisions. Also the company often participates in world aviation and sport shows.

Our production is used by:

Valeriy Rozov -  The main trainer Russian team of Artistic Events in parachute sport. The Head of Russian Extreme Project.
 Igor Potapkin – 2001 Bronze medalist of World Air Games in the PPG class; 2003 World Champion in the PL1 class; the winner of the Open Cup of Germany 2003.

Mihail Koz’min – 2003 World Champion in the PL2 class.

Mariya Ryabikova and Vasiliy Rodin – 2003 Sky-surfing World Champions.

Mariya Ryabikova and Viktoriya Demidova – silver medallist of the 2004 World Championship.

Dmitriy Ovodenko and Igor Kalinin – 2004 Sky-surfing World Champions.

Group Acrobatics (8) – 2001, 2003 – World Champions.

Our wings are used by the members of Russian, Latvian, Kazakh paraglider teams and by the champions of Russia and CIS.

Among our customers are – Cosmonaut Preparation Centre, Units of Federal Service of Air Transport, EMERCOM, Aviation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and others. In 2004 the company got the licence on the development and production aviation technique.

We like our work and our sport. We do everything for the reliability of our production and for giving pleasure to our clients.